As many are aware, Chicago is a very rough place to reside.  Being raised in underprivileged communities across the city, Chicago may even feel like a horror movie at times.  Several of my friends and peers have faced near death situations countless times just trying to make it inside of their homes. If you are from Chicago, many would say if you lived past eighteen years old you are blessed from the man up above. Others might say that you are blessed but you need to leave the city and never look back. This site will recount several scenarios and instances from Chicagoans who have been either beaten, confronted by gangs or opposing gang members, or have faced a near death situation in Chicago’s ghetto. Each story will tell a story from a different person, which will remain anonymous. More importantly, each story will provide a survival tip to help you survive in the murder capital. The goal of this site to intrigue readers, relate to Chicagoans, and most of all hopefully save lives.